Pure Breed Havanese - Happy 4th of July!!! Have a safe and cheerful holiday
  We love the Havanese breed and there are certain bloodlines we want in our breeding program. Some of our dogs live in "guardian care" homes where they receive all the love and lap time they so love, desire and deserve. We purchase the dog but retain the breeding rights, and a family gets a wonderful Havanese to care for and love in their forever home.

The girls usually have 4 litters at my home, but otherwise live with their guardian care family, who provide food, routine vet care, training and of tons of love. ️ We will be available to dog sit at no charge for our guardian care dogs if you or your family have a vacation planned or need a place for them to stay while you are out of town. We also would be available for grooming. Once they are no longer in my breeding program, the family gets her spayed and she is theirs to love in a forever home.

Males: The fact that the male needs to be accessible for siring litters, several times a year until I no longer wish to use him in my breeding program.   

If you are interested in providing a guardian care home, live within easy driving distance from Chanhassen, Minnesota and are willing to bring the dog to me. If you have interest in providing a guardian care home, please contact me at pmcoleen@aol.com We can see if it would be a good fit! It will require meeting you and your family and possibly a visit to your home to see your set up. 


CHILE LIVES WITH THE DENHARDT FAMILY. Chile is a chocolate AKC male. If you are a big fan of chocolates, he is your guy. The Denhardt family loves his funny, lovable, disposition.  

 REGGIE LIVES WITH THE WEINS FAMILY. Reggie is a black & white AKC male. He is lovable, good natured, and very smart. The Weins also have one of our retired girls, Ginger. They both LOVE all the attention and love they receive everyday from this wonderful family.     





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