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Cooper is in our Guardian Care Program. Although he is in our breeding program, he doesn't live with us. He lives with the Tripp family and is very loved.



Sired By Healthy Havanese Adult Dogs

Meet Our Adult Dogs

At Pure Breed Havanese in Chanhassen, Minnesota, we make sure that our adult Havanese dogs are healthy. We follow the recommendations from our trusted veterinarian to ensure that they produce quality puppies. Their eyes, heart, lungs, luxating patella, and hips are checked annually. Kindly browse through the following profiles to meet our lovable dogs. 



Lucy is very sweet, lovable and very playful.  She loves my 2-year-old granddaughter and follows her everywhere. She weighs 10 lbs. She is a red sable. 


REX is Pepper's son. We imported Pepper from Hungary. REX has a VERY rare Brindle color. He is AKC and on the smaller side, at 9 lbs. Rex is sweet, very smart, lovable, playful, and has the sweetest face that will melt your heart. Just like his daddy. 


Gypsy is a puppy from Curry Pepper and Libby.  Gypsy is very athletic like her daddy Pepper.  She loves her toys and steals my socks almost every morning. When she isn't being a little clown she LOVES to cuddle. She will jump in my lap and lay her head on my chest and just stare up at me. She makes you feel very special.  We love her very much.  


Rose is our AKC female. Rose is very athletic.  She loves her toys and LOVES to play fetch.  Her picture captures her doing one of her favorite things. She loves her cuddle time. We love her very much. Her parents are Toula & Cooper. She is beautiful!!  She weighs 9lbs. 



 Tessa is a fun, beautiful, lovable, and incredibly sweet.  Tessa is an AKC registered female. Tessa is from our breeding line, Amber (retired) & Cooper.  Love her markings. She is 10lbs.


Savanna (Retired)

Savanna is a  beautiful red AKC female new to our family. Very smart and playful, Savanna has a great disposition! She loves everybody and we love her. She weighs 

10 lbs. 


All our dogs are kept up to date on all shots. They are all tested yearly for heartworm, and are on preventative support. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

Meet JOSIE!! Josie is a fun bouncy little girl. She is so sweet and very athletic. She loves to be held and will snuggle with you as long as you let her. She has a great temperament and gets along with all dogs. She loves to meet new furry friends.  Josie is a red chocolate color. Josie's parents are Truffles & Pepper. (Truffles & Pepper have now retired)

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